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And here are the most detailed analysis among all NaughtyDate reviews available. We will show you the benefits and drawbacks of an application to their dating site, as well as all of the potential rewards. This review will cover the best and worst features, the costs of memberships, the application process, the legitimacy of the site, and everything else you need to know. Keep scrolling! Overview: is a rapidly growing online dating site currently owned by Together Network Holdings designed with the sole intention of matching singles who share a passion for spending time with like-minded locals. The large majority of users here are open with their dating intentions, most of which are simply to enjoy fast-paced, adult fun without traveling far from home.
At the time of writing, boasted 800,000 members worldwide, with more men than women using the service to make connections.


To become the newest accepted applicant on NaughtyDate, the process has been streamlined to give you more time to chat with singles. Expect between 3-5 minutes being required to complete every step of the application process, although the verification email has been known to be received after 10 minutes. Sometimes, the verification email is directed to your junk folder.

To begin an application to NaughtyDate, input the following information to your profile. (This information except your email and password can be viewed by anyone with a verified account.)

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Zipcode
  • Your Gender
  • Sexual Preferences

As NaughtyDate places less focus on compatibility than other platforms, the application process is a great deal shorter due to the lack of a compatibility test.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, more detailed information can be added to your dating profile to attract local men and women. At the next stage, users can add more information, such as:

  • who they’re looking for;
  • lifestyle information – smoker? drinker?
  • hair and eye color;
  • ethnicity;
  • body type;
  • income level;
  • have/want children.

Members & Profiles

Member Structure

  • Men – 51%
  • Women – 49%

The secondary process of adding profile information during the application process isn’t mandatory and can be skipped.
Usually, members opt to skip this part of the application process to save time and begin flirting with new local partners leading to a lack of worthy information being found within profiles. This promotes more contact between users as working out compatibility is difficult. The lack of information within profiles doesn’t affect the use of NaughtyDate as most people are looking for casual dating situations. Safety

Each users’ profile and uploaded information are encrypted with the latest advancements in SSL encryption technology, along with all user activities on the site. As such, all users can rest easy that even if their accounts are accessed by an intruder, no damage can be done.
When logging in, NaughtyDate checks your current location via the IP address given and contrasts it against your last known log in location. If the difference in distance is larger than 30km, an email may be sent to you asking to confirm the link to proceed.

NaughtyDate has super-stringent protocols for all uploaded images, some of which are worth noting.

  • Each uploaded image must be a headshot of yourself
  • You must look of age
  • No explicit content

Is Legit?

A testament to the legitimacy of, over 800,000 different user accounts reside here, most of which have also added personal payment information. As of 2020, no breaches of any user accounts have been reported.

Costs and Prices

The prices for membership on are:

  • 3-day trial – $3.99
  • 1-month membership – $28.80
  • 3-months membership – $48.60
  • 6-months membership – $79.20

Conclusion have consistently proven their worth as one of the best casual dating platforms, loved by both men and women alike thriving in the ease in which they can make contact with people sharing their desires to find new connections.

The process of creating an account is largely simple and straightforward, regardless of how it’s completed, be that on the desktop site or the mobile browser version, all users have the ability to date in a way they choose, not one that is imposed.

We love the huge variety of great bonus features such as the unlimited sending of winks and likes, but none more so than FlirtCasts. FlirtCasts are pre-determined messages that can either be created or automatically generated to your preference. These can be sent to a maximum of 12 users at once without the need to re-type the message.

Although some features of the site, such as the prevalence of advertisements, are unwelcomed, this trait is common amongst largely free dating sites offering low-cost memberships. On the whole, the ads don’t spoil the user experience and pave the way for much lower costs.
With NaughtyDate only ever seeing more action and regular new signups from men and women of all ages, spanning all demographics, we can’t see a sudden decline in popularity and can foresee this platform a further steady increase in stature within the casual dating community.

For anyone struggling to find like-minded singles online, NaughtyDate is one of those sites where virtually anyone can find action just by being an active member. Users are very open to all new possibilities and typically waste no time making getting down to business.
Overall, we recommend this dating service. has achieved a rating of 4.6/5 on