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Next up is, a unique type of dating site for thrill-seeking men and women looking to find a third partner. Both singles and couples exist on BeNaughty simultaneously, looking to meet someone new to take their dating experiences to the next level. Overview:

Since back in 2013, has risen to stardom, quickly rising the ranks and now rivaling the best dating sites for their members. Currently, the total number of members is over 1,500,000, with over 90,000 new applications received every week from men and women across the world, primarily in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Becoming the newest member on BeNaughty will only take between 3-5 minutes, depending on your computer literacy level. At the beginning of sign up, only a limited amount of information is necessary to proceed. The information required at first is:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation

Afterward, you are sent an email confirmation, which must be accepted before proceeding with account creation. This practice dramatically increases user safety and privacy.

All users must upload one photo as a minimum, and this must pass the “photo test.” All uploaded images must never have existed on the dating site before; if they have, your account will be blocked. This rings true with fitting into the BeNaughty ToS, where nudity, pornography, and celebrity images are also prohibited.

After successfully passing the photo test, more personal information can be added to your dating profile to attract like-minded partners, such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, and what you’re looking for in somebody new.

Members & Profiles

Member Structure:

  • Men – 60%
  • Women – 40%

Currently, shared couples accounts cannot be created, so users must make their own accounts or simply use one to meet new partners.
Although members have the option to skip the process of adding personal information, this is largely ignored.

Users on usually take the time to add relevant information to their profiles; accounts lacking information typically receive less action online. It seems singles on BeNaughty like to assess compatibility for a third, without the need for automatic matching.

BeNaughty is very strict with the verification process for dating accounts meaning fake profiles have no place. Each image uploaded is automatically checked against all previous site uploads, against known people such as celebrities and people of interest. If any image matches a previous upload, the profile is immediately banned. Safety

All users on can rest easy that their online activities always remain private. has an exceptional encryption procedure that prevents intruders from accessing their servers or your account information.

For increased safety online whilst using BeNaughty, men and women have the option to enable safe mode, which comes with various settings that can be personalized according to the safety you’d like.
Safe Mode

  • Off – All BeNaughty members can send you messages and requests.
  • Basic – Remove the ability for flagged accounts to send messages and requests.
  • Full – Strictly, only fully verified members can contact you.

If you’re contacted by a user, and you wish to remove their access to you, BeNaughty has incorporated a blocking and reporting feature. Any user who you report found to breaching the ToS in any way is banned. However, unnecessary reports can lead to action being taken against you.

Is Legit? is a legit dating site entrusted with the personal information of millions of users around the world, and the financial details of around 45% of members with no notable issues have arisen.

Costs and Prices

The prices for the different membership packages on BeNaughty are:

  • 1-month membership – $24.99
  • 3-months membership – $50.97
  • 6-months membership – $71.94


Overall, is a game-changing dating service adored by singles and couples worldwide, offering unrivaled services, features, low-cost memberships, and a safe, secure platform for new connections to be found.

Users can find partners living in and around their local area or use the in-depth search filters for free to meet members living further away. Aside from a location change, the available filters make for a customizable dating experience, where people can discover potential dates based on a huge range of attractive factors and characteristics.

When compared to similar sites offering similar services, the prices available for memberships on BeNaughty are very competitive and offer a huge amount of value all around. Payments are completed safely via credit/debit card allowing users to enjoy seamless transactions around the clock. Currently, memberships are around 15% less than on competitor sites, with the price of a 6-month membership costing only 79p per day (Based on $71.94 price for 6 months).

Although there are no automatic matching facilities available to users, like-minded matches can be found easily by using “The Like Gallery” special feature. This feature may be used an unlimited number of times and has proved to be a great way of meeting new people quickly. Better still, all female accounts can send messages to men for free, leading to a new culture of women initiating conversations rather than vice-versa.

If any user doesn’t manage to find a partner within the first three months, a free membership on a BeNaughty sister site is provided. This is the satisfaction guarantee.

As is still receiving such a large influx of new user applications each week, it’s clear this innovative dating service isn’t going anywhere but upwards any time soon. After considering all available factors, we would highly recommend signing up to this platform.
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